Sketch showing dimensions of the smoke cooker RealSmoker

Made of very heavy materials

The shell is made of 3/16" plate bent to whatever size you need. The grill is made from 1" x 1/4" flat bar steel on edge.

The grates for the coals are adjustable for height and made from heavy steel angles with vent holes for great efficiency and clean combustion.

For a .pdf of this drawing,


RealSmoker. Real pit BBQ smoker.

SuperGrill SuperSirloins!

The secret to grilling is higher temperatures. Searing steaks and burgers is not possible without it, let alone a perfect Chateaubriand, with the glazed crispy outside while the center is still as rare as you could like it.

The grill itself is made from 1" x 1/4" flat bars on end, which, once preheated, sear the meat perfectly.

ten smoked whole chickens


Any size you want, we will be glad to make for you.

We can mount it on a trailer or just pipe legs. It is a bit on the heavy side.