Sketch showing dimensions of the smoke cooker RealSmoker

RS-T2860 Smoker

This is our standard smoker. If you need one that is bigger, longer, or that has any special features, it's no problem for us, because we roll any size barrel you could want. Everything is cut from flat steel plate in our CNC plasma cutter. As we use 3D modeling to make everything, we can make pretty much anything you can dream up. If you would like a .pdf of the drawing above CLICK HERE.

RealSmoker. Real pit BBQ smoker.

RealSmoker RS-T2860

If you think that you cannot buy a smoker that can cook for one hundred people for less than $7,000, think again. Fancy paint jobs and lots of lights never improved the quality of the food. When you compare our smoker with the flashy, ill-advised versions where money is wasted to make it fancy, with our cooker, which will cook every bit as good, or even better than anything available on the market today. It has better temperature control and more uniform smoking, with less fuss.

Dynasty Metal Works has spent lots of time perfecting the things that really matter in smoke cooking. You are still free to customize it, but this smoker will work excellently whether you do or don't.

ten smoked whole chickens

Ten chickens cooked to perfection

Ten chickens cooked to perfection, and there's room for more. We haven't even used the second removable shelf. I guess it would take thirty chickens if it was really loaded!

Check out our Recipes page for some ideas on what to cook on a RealSmoker.

Our very efficient firebox with replacable baskets gives temperature control at both the high end and the low end of the temperature spectrum.

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Different foods cooking on the RealSmoker smoker


This is the most efficient charcoal grill made. It is extremely heavy duty. For details go to the Supergrill page.

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The RealSmoker can get as hot as 500 degrees.

Let's COOK!!!!!

You should never let two fat guys design their own smoker, especially not when they have a 12,000 ft fabricating shop to indulge their fantasies.

It just might get out of hand!!!